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Research Solutions is an ad hoc agency that develops custom designed solutions to address particular questions. We operate throughout the region conducting both social and market research.

Over the years we have expanded and grown and now employ 20 full time staff in Kenya as well as teams of trained people in the various countries who work as and when required on projects. We have, as a result of our expansion in the region, multi-lingual members of staff who handle projects in both Anglo and Francophone regions.

Research Solutions is one of the leading research organisations in Kenya, with operations spanning the African continent. We currently operate in more than 20 countries in the region.

We approach every aspect of our work with the highest standard of integrity; we work to build a partnership with our clients, creating a mutually beneficial long term relationship. We believe that through this type of relationship we can offer more relevant and workable solutions and actionable information.

We aim to supply timely and comprehensive responses to all research enquiries. The initial response will outline our understanding of the project, recommend an approach and advise objectively on potential problem areas and likely solutions.

With this aim in mind we are committed to offering a service which is of the highest possible standard. Research Solutions is a company run by professionals and for professionals.

Our main aim has remained the same over the period we have been in business. As a research company we aim to: "Provide value added research, offering clients actionable solutions to their problems at a price they can afford."

What we aspire to..

To be recognised as the leading research supplier in our region .

How we’ll achieve this..

Provide value-added research, offering clients solutions to their marketing questions at a price they can afford .

Our core values..

  • teamwork
  • integrity
  • excellence

What we believe in..

  • Relationships We strive to build a partnership with our clients creating mutually productive long-term relationships
  • Respect We actively consider the needs and culture of our client organisations and fit our methods to suit these
  • Sharing We readily share our research knowledge and experience Customer Care
  • Customer Care We listen carefully to the clients problems and develop custom made solutions that are actionable
  • Learning We continuously develop the knowledge of our business and the expertise of everyone in it
  • Quality We recognise the importance of the information we deliver and ensure that it is accurate and relevant
  • Confidentiality Information obtained in the course of the research remains the property of the client and will not be divulged to any other party without prior consent
  • Quality Controls We have in place stringent controls to ensure the information we present is a true reflection of the marketplace
  • Honesty We are reliable and trustworthy and deliver what we promise

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