Customer satisfaction surveys: They are surveys that seek to determine the satisfaction levels of ones customers (e.g. the Dealers satisfaction survey). It is argued that such surveys should look at both internal (employees) and external (consumers) customers. Rationale behind this is that a satisfied employee keeps customers satisfied, and the opposite is true.

A customer satisfaction survey allows to fine tune service offering and increase satisfaction and total sales.

Example of a Customer Satisfaction Survey


An international telecommunication company asked Research Solutions to identify and measure the drivers of it’s customers satisfaction levels


  • Evaluate customers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels with the different (sub)components to the services of their mobile service provider
  • Assess the gap between spontaneous and actual satisfaction per mobile service provider
  • Create a plan of action prioritized by the level of impact on overall satisfaction

Key Activities

  • Designed a structured questionnaire for a quantitative approach
  • Carried out Focus Group Discussions
  • Conducted telephone interviews
  • Analyzed collected data


  • Received unique insights in what attributes of their service offering appealed to both users and non-users
  • Modified and enhanced their service offering as well as marketing activities on the basis of the study

Action Agenda: Importance - Satisfaction grid


Staff Attitude

  • Are your staff the heart of your organisation?
  • Do they feel like a family?
  • Would you like to know whether this family has positive self image?
  • Is it important to establish the corporate image and equity of your organisation from an internal perspective?

Staff are an important part of any business and recognition of this is growing. Staff research can help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I understand and motivate staff?
  • How can I retain productive staff longer?
  • What are the employees's views of their jobs?
  • What aspects of the working environment are important to staff?
  • What are the staff's views on customer service?
  • How is management perceived?
  • How can I improve staff morale?

View Point

Could you increase your sales with better market intelligence?