The term CSR is widely used but there is little consensus on what actually constitutes Corporate Social Responsibility. According to DfID, definitions generally focus on "how companies manage their core business to add social, environmental and economic value in order to produce a positive sustainable impact for both society and the business". Thus CSR is concerned not only with giving to the less fortunate in society but also with the development of honour, ethics and integrity within the company and the society in which it operates.

Research Solutions fully embraces this wider definition of Corporate Citizenship and their CSR program has been developed with both short and long-term engagements along three key areas:

Research Solutions Africa

Youth Development

Our long-term interventions focus on the bulk of our resources on the development of youth with a number of on-going charitable commitments. In addition to the donations, our staff are encouraged to interact with the children through both structured and unstructured activities:

Kids for Kids

A street-children feeding program undertaken by the Children´s Church. For many years, Research Solutions has been instrumental in providing the maize-meal (Kenya´s staple food) for this program on a monthly basis.

Stars for Jesus

An orphanage providing shelter and education to 70 boys. Since its inception, Research Solutions has provided food and education sponsorship for the children of this home and has been instrumental in ensuring that some of these boys also pursued their dreams of further education.

The Children´s Village.

A new orphanage being developed in the style of SOS homes eventually intended to house 64 children (8 households of 8 children). The former MD of Research Solutions was a founding trustee for this home and through MSRA (the professional body for marketing & Social researchers in Kenya) RS has supported the construction of one household for the Home.

Professional Development

Our engagements here are numerous and are focused on building strong professional ethics for the economic development of our industry:

Professional Organisations

Our company plays a leading role in the local, regional and global professional bodies governing our industry, training staff and developing professional standards and regulations. We encourage all staff to participate in these bodies and require that all staff comply with the Code of Ethics of our industry.

Greenhorn Mentoring University of Nairobi student mentoring program

Our former MD is a founding trustee of this mentoring program which aims at exposing students of the University of Nairobi to business. The company has provided mentors and internship positions to this and other mentoring programs

Community Development

On an ad-hoc basis, the company assists and contributes to a variety of community development initiatives. We encourage participation in a variety of initiative and in 2008 provided funds to

  • Kenya Community Development Foundations (A grant-making public foundation established in 1997)
  • Kikuyu Eye Hospital (A hospital on the outskirts of Nairobi that specializes in the treatment of sight impairment and prevention of blindness.)

In 2008 the Kikuyu Hospital celebrated 100 years of existence. In addition to our donation, we were instrumental in organizing support and donations for the production of a book documenting their history.

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