Top 100 Mid-Sized Company Award

The Top 100 survey was a venture between KPMG and the Nation Media Group through its business paper, the Business Daily. The objectives were to show case successful entrepreneurship stories to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and to recognize the increasingly importance of SME´s to economic and social progress in Kenya.

The SME sector is seen as the engine of growth for Kenya´s economy as it employs most of the 9.4 million working people in country.

Research Solutions Limited qualified to the Kenya Top 100 Mid-sized companies list for 2008. Our outstanding financial performance over the last three years placed our company amongst the top 100 companies selected from all over Kenya.

Our company scored highly in a rating that was based on revenue growth, cash flow and profitability. Other aspects considered were ‘softer issues’ such as tax compliance and sustainability of the business. Our organizations formal recognition as being in the Top mid-sized companies in Kenya is a clear signal of our vital and strategic role in the development of our country´s national economy. Congratulations and well done to all!

Facts on the Survey

  • The survey was open to companies with a turnover of between Sh70 million and one billion shillings.
  • The companies should not be listed on any stock exchange. Banks and Insurance companies were excluded.
  • A total of 500 companies registered and 83 per cent of companies that made it to the top 100 are owned by Kenyans, while the remaining 17 per cent had foreign interest.
  • The companies were identified by analyzing sets of financial indicators provided by the organizer.

Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Award

The Legatum Pioneers of prosperity Africa Award recognizes and rewards leaders of Africa who serve as role models to Africa's aspiring entrepreneurs and demonstrated business excellence, innovation and profitability. Leaders of small and medium sized enterprises had the opportunity to participate in the award. Winners who made it through were showcased as role models for African entrepreneurs and became members of the POP alumni network. They also received prize money ($100K for one Grand Prize and $50K for five additional winners) to reinvest in their business. In this years competition Research Solutions limited was among the 1.400 business that applied for the exciting awards. We emerged in the top 25% to make it among the top semi finalists of only 30 companies from 10 African countries. We believe with continuous improvement and business growth we will be able to make it to the finals in next years competition.

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